Back to work – but it won’t be the same

Many employees are now returning to labs and offices at Tech. However, there are new precautions and guidelines to follow so that we avoid corona infection.

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When researchers and administrative staff return to their offices and labs, they will be reunited with familiar faces and places. But a lot of things will still be different than before the coronavirus crisis. 

Doors are locked, there’s still no student life on campus to speak of, and there are none of the lively academic and social events we’re used to. Furthermore, there will still be limitations, e.g. on physical meetings and on the number of people allowed to be in a room at any one time.

NB: On Sjælland, there are still limitations on who is allowed to return to the workplace. Generally, those returning are researchers and the technical personnel needed for research to be carried out. Therefore, most administrative employees will have to continue to work from home.

Aarhus University has prepared a set of common guidelines based on the national guidelines and the recommendations from the health authorities. The guidelines apply from 27 May and until further notice.

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Hygiene is a shared responsibility

Cleaning will continue at the same standard as before in the buildings at Tech. However, a high level of hygiene is a shared responsibility, so everyone must be careful and watch out for themselves and for others by washing hands, using hand sanitizer and wiping contact surfaces.

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