Stress management and prevention at Technical Sciences

The faculty aims to be a good and healthy workplace for all employees. Stress is a shared challenge and a joint responsibility. Therefore, we will work to ensure that everyone actively takes responsibility for promoting well-being and preventing stress.

What can I do?

It is important that everyone actively take responsibility for promoting well-being and preventing stress.

It is important that you take your symptoms seriously and respond to them by initiating a dialogue with your manager about workload and task prioritisation. You can also use your personal network, a colleague/occupational health and safety representative/union representative and possibly AU’s offer of psychological counselling. 

As a colleague, it is important that you express your concern to your colleague and, alternatively, to the relevant manager if your colleague has not contacted the manager himself/herself. 

Handling stress

As a follow-up to the psychological workplace assessment (WPA) for 2015/2016, we have prepared material in the form of pamphlets with information on how to handle stress. The pamphlets are about preventing and handling stress and include a stress toolbox for managers.