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This page contains an overview of the news communicated from the management at Technical Sciences. It also contains information about strategy and special initiatives.

In 2020, the management of Technical Sciences, in close cooperation with the institutes, will devise a new strategy for the faculty. See the previous Science and Technology Strategy Plan 2016-2020.

News from the management at Technical Sciences

2020.12.16 |

The dean take stock of 2020

Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen takes stock of the past year. 2020 has been a year that has called for readiness to change to an extreme degree, but it has been handled with great professionalism and creativity by all Tech's employees. In the years to come we will be facing financial challenges that also require us to work together and find solutions so…

2020.11.16 |

Launch of strategy process for Tech

The Faculty of Technical Sciences has been up and running for almost a year now, and after a tour of all the faculty's departments, Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen and the Dean's Office have launched a strategy process. This will be a three-pronged process, with focus groups for the most important strategic priority themes.

2020.11.11 |

New engineering departments: acting managers now in place

When the four new engineering departments open on 1 January 2021, they will have a transitional management until the appointment process for the new heads of department has been completed. The acting heads of department and deputy heads of department are now in place to ensure that the new departments get off to a good start.

2020.10.09 |

AU board adopts new organisation for the engineering area

At a board meeting on 8 October, the AU board gave the green light to establish four new engineering departments at the university. The purpose of the new organisation is to consolidate the academic environments across Aarhus University School of Engineering and the Department of Engineering. The new departments will open on 1 January 2021.

2020.08.31 |

Dean to visit departments at the Faculty of Technical Sciences

Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen has started his round of visits to all departments and units at Tech. His aim is to greet the staff and introduce the new strategy process. There will be ample opportunity to take part in the dialogue and ask questions.

2020.08.28 |

Greeting from the dean

We’ve got off to a good start after the holidays, although unfortunately with a number of employees who have to work from home, but luckily you will be returning this week. COVID-19 is clearly still here, and we have to be ready to live with it for some time to come. This places demands on the individual and on us as a community, and we must all…

2020.07.03 |

Dialogue with employees about the new organisation in the engineering area

A process involving the employees in the engineering area will now be initiated. This means that employees who are affected by the proposal will have the opportunity to enter into dialogue and provide input and experience. This will be done in parallel with the consultation process which started on 17 June.

2020.07.03 |

New vice-dean for research for the Faculty of Technical Sciences

Professor Brian Vinter will be the new vice-dean for research from 1. August. He comes from a position at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The new vice-dean comes from a solid background in the intersection between knowledge and industry, and has a good sense of where technological developments are going.

2020.06.25 |

Summer greetings from the dean

Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen wishes all staff and students at Tech a wonderful summer, and takes stock of his first six months as dean, which have been strongly influenced by corona, working at a distance and the proposed new organisation of the engineering area. An exciting and eventful autumn lies ahead after the holiday, and strategy work will be a…

2020.06.23 |

Finn Borchsenius to continue as vice-dean for education at Tech

Finn Borchsenius has been the vice-dean for education of both the new faculties since 1 January, and he has decided to continue as the vice-dean for education at the Faculty of Technical Sciences from 2021.

2020.06.17 |

Consultation process for engineering area kicks off

The consultation proposal for the proposed new organisation of the engineering area has now been sent out. The consultation process runs until 1 September, after which the consultation responses will be included in the basis for the final decision. There will be a parallel process involving the employees in the engineering area.

2020.06.09 |

New organisation to strengthen engineering at Aarhus University

The dean of the Faculty of Technical Sciences is proposing a new organisation, with four new departments, to consolidate and strengthen the engineering area at AU around core disciplines and to raise engineering to the highest international level. The consultation process for the new organisation will commence before the summer holidays.

2020.05.14 |

Nat and Tech prepare for phase 2 of reopening

We’re about to reopen the Nat and Tech faculties a little more. Although it’s clearly positive that we can open for teaching and physical exams again, remember that this is still in every way a very limited reopening.

2020.04.02 |

Greeting from dean Eskild Holm Nielsen to Tech employees

Dean Dekan Eskild Holm Nielsen sends an Easter greeting to the employees of the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

2020.03.20 |

Greetings to Tech employees from dean Eskild Holm Nielsen

The current exceptional situation has demanded a rapid transition from you all to address serious challenges that none of us could be prepared for. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you all for your positive attitude, patience and drive in this chaotic period.

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