Strategy of the Faculty of Technical Sciences

The strategy for the Faculty of Technical Sciences sets the course for the faculty towards 2025.

The faculty's strategy is based on the AU strategy for 2020-2025, and it describes the ambitions and the strategic milestones that Technical Sciences aims to prioritise over the coming years.

Strategic benchmarks

Technical Sciences aims to be a collaborative and solution-oriented faculty, fuelled by creating green transition and digital impact in society. This ambition will be reached through four benchmarks:

  1. Prioritisation and development of new partnerships and other collaborations
  2. Recognised research, stronger entrepreneurship, talent development and public sector consultancy
  3. Meeting our students at their level
  4. Joint responsibility for openness, collaboration, co-ordination and development with trust and respect for each other

The faculty's academic disciplines embrace the climate, the environment, agriculture, nature and technological solutions. Our teaching, research and public sector consultancy are all highly relevant for the society of the future. For this reason, Tech also has particularly sharp focus on political and societal aspects. There are high expectations for our research, consultancy, and study programmes - and for our students.

World-class research

The strategy will support Technical Sciences' vision to continue as a research-intensive faculty. Technical Sciences creates value for society in several ways. Firstly, by striving to deliver high-quality education and research that meets the need for qualified students. Secondly, by developing technological solutions to society's challenges. Thirdly, through our public sector consultancy, by generating knowledge and insight for policy-makers, and finally by collaborating nationally and globally.