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On this portal, you will find the most important information for your assignment as an external examiner of a bachelor or final examination for the Master’s degree under Science, Civil and Bachelor of Engineering programmes. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.  

External examiners ' fee   

It will automatically be paid to your NemKonto after the assessments have been given.  

Evaluation Form  

External examiners at Natural Sciences, agrobiology or FOOD must complete this evaluation form.

External examiners from the co-examiner Corps in biology must complete this evaluation form.

External examiners on the engineer programmes must complete a evaluation form on CensorNet. You must login on CensorNet to fill out the evaluation form, if you need help you can find the instructions here.

Travel expenses   

If you have had travel expenses, you must fill in the form "Travel reimbursement", which you will find on the flow in WISEflow and send it to censor.nat-tech@au.dk 

What you need to know as co-examiner

External examiner’s tasks

In accordance with chapter 14 of Executive Order no. 458 of 19/04/2022 on examinations and co-examination of university degree programs, the external examiner must in general ensure that documentation is made at the time of the examination of the student’s proficiency and the achievement of the goals for the degree program, including that:

  • the examinations and the requirements regarding the content of the degree program’s examinations comply with the aims and other requirements determined for the degree program in the Executive Order on Degree Programs and the academic regulations as determined in the Executive Order on Examinations
  • the external examiner helps and ensures that the examinations take place in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.
  • the students receive equal and fair treatment, and that their performance is given a reliable assessment in accordance with the grading regulations in the Executive Order on Grading Scales, including the regulations in the degree program’s academic regulations.
  • the external examiner and the examiner(s) have not carried out mutual or repeated co-examination, and that the external examiner complies with the competence requirements.
  • It is important to carry out good practice, which also includes an understanding that the examination situation takes place correctly, and preferably so that the student’s particular situation (e.g., nervousness) is handled both considerately and professionally.

Does the examination contain confidential information?

  • You have a duty of confidentiality regarding the knowledge you acquire during the examination. For example, you may not use the information in the examination to your own research.
  • If you have a printed copy, you must shred the paper after the examination.

Information about WISEflow

Nat-Tech uses the digital exam system WISEflow. As co-examiner, you will receive e-mails from the system, e.g. when you can report grades.

WISEflow is part of the government's digitisation strategy, and the system will ensure digital support of all exam workflows from start to finish.

On this page, you can find information about WISEflow and guidelines for the system.

External examiner remuneration

  • Payment of external examiner’s fees

    You will receive your fee based on the exams you have graded. Your fee will be paid automatically to your NemKonto* when you have given you grades in the system WISEflow. Your pay slip will be sent to your digital mailbox.

    Please note: Payment of examiner’s remuneration and reimbursement of travelling expenses are unlikely to be at the same time, as the payments are not made by the same department.

    *If you do not have a NemKonto please contact censor.nat-tech@au.dk to get information about how to receive your fee.

    Payment dates

    Expected payment dates after entering the result in WISEflow by the first of the month:

    Summer exams: End of May, End of July, End of October

    Winter exams: End of November, End of December, End of February, End of March


    Standards for external examiners

  • Overview of the standards for external examiners as of 1 November 2022 
  • Rates of remuneration can be found in "Medarbejder- og kompetencestyrelsens lønoversigter" (see section 8.2. The latest version can be found through this link)


Travel and hotel accommodation

Travel allowance

If there was any travel activity in connection with the co-examination, you will be reimbursed.

You must fill in a travel reimbursement form, which you will find on the individual flow in WISEflow.

If you cannot find the form in WISEflow, you must contact wiseflow.nat-tech@au.dk.

If you lose receipts from your trip, you must fill in a solemn declaration. It is available under the item "Forms and Guidelines" on this page.

Aarhus University covers travel expenses corresponding to the cheapest standard fare by public transport.

Hourly and daily allowance rates 

If the exam lasts several days, or if the external examiner is unable to return home on the same day the exam is held, overnight accommodation may be necessary. In this case, an hourly or daily allowance can be paid if the following rules are complied with: 

  • An hourly or daily allowance is only paid for official trips involving overnight accommodation, and only for trips that last a minimum of 24 hours.
  • A daily allowance is paid for each complete 24-hour period the official trip lasts. For any hours exceeding the 24-hour period, an allowance is paid for each commenced hour. 
  • An hourly or daily allowance can never be disbursed at the along with additional expenses (actual expenses). This means that expenses for taxis, buses, refreshments, etc. during your stay cannot be reimbursed together with the payment of hourly or daily allowance. It is either or. However, expenses for transport between the external examiner's private address and the hotel/AU are refundable.

Additional expenses:

If the external examiner’s official trip lasts less than 24 hours or does not involve overnight accommodation, reasonable additional expenses can be reimbursed for meals, provided documentation is submitted. 

Undocumented night supplement:

If the external examiner chooses private accommodation an undocumented night supplement can be granted. This must be registered in the travel reimbursement form.

Employee parking 

Register your car in order to park on AU's parking spaces

Booking hotel accommodation

If you are unable to arrive at the examination or home on the same day the examination is held, expenses are covered for overnight accommodation. 

You must book your own hotel accommodation, by using one of the hotels we have an agreement with. Follow this link and choose "Fortsæt som anonym" here you can find information about the hotels.

You should be aware that the hotel allowance has a maximum of DKK 1,448 per overnight stay valid from 1. January 2023.

Forms and guidelines

  • Solemn declaration  Please press the download button (marked below) to fill out this form.

Et billede, der indeholder tekst Automatisk genereret beskrivelse


Co-examiners' fee and external examiners' travel expense reimbursement 

Questions regarding Co-examiners' fee and external examiners' travel expense reimbursement please contact: censor.nat-tech@au.dk


Questions regarding appointment please contact the relevant bodies of examiners: Contact list of co-examiner Chairs


Questions regarding WISEflow please contact: wiseflow.nat-tech@au.dk


Questions regarding complaints please contact Asger Steen Boisen at Nat-Tech Education: eksamensklager.nat-tech@au.dk

Science- and MS.c. in engineering courses

Questions regarding exam, protocols and results for Science- and MS.c. in engineering courses please contact: eksamen.nat-tech@au.dk

Bachelor of engineering courses

Questions regarding exam, protocols and results for Bachelor of engineering courses please contact: undervisningeksamendiplom.nat-tech@au.dk