The use of teaching rooms

Principles for optimizing the use of dry classrooms

At the start of 2023, the faculty managements at Nat and Tech decided on a number of general principles that will form the basis of the faculties' scheduling of teaching in dry classrooms. This is both to ensure optimal schedules for both students and teachers and to ensure optimal utilization of an expensive resource – our teaching rooms.

General principles for optimizing the use of teaching rooms at Nat and Tech (unprioritized order):

  • The aim is for the majority of teaching to be located in geographical proximity to the relevant professional environments.
  • Teaching takes place on weekdays between 8.00-18.00 (8.00-16.00 on Fridays). There may be special working time agreements, which limit the time during which teaching can take place. In addition, the aim is to limit the use of the latest hours in the afternoon.
  • Teaching rooms are as a rule booked to utilize the room's full capacity. When booking rooms for teaching, special didactic and practical needs must also be considered.
  • We must ensure a complete and accurate record of the use of our teaching rooms, so that they are used optimally and can be made available to other departments and faculties.
  • Teaching is the number one priority regarding the use of teaching rooms. Thesis examinations, Ph.D. defences, seminars etc. can be placed in classrooms during times when no teaching is scheduled.

Teaching planning according to these principles entails, to a certain extent, a change to the usual practice in relation to the allocation of rooms for teaching, and thus also to the practice of accommodating special requests. However, we aim to ensure that the students have an affiliation with the department that is responsible for their programme - ie. an identity. Therefore, the majority of teaching on a programme will wherever possible be located near the home department.