The Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture is moving – but only 300 metres!

Agro Business Park is the new home for DCA – Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture from August 15th. Rest assured, DCA continues to offer the same level of service as before.

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Photo: Agro Business Park

New locations bring new adventures, but DCA's dedication to AU Viborg and all of Aarhus University remains the same as the premises over AU Viborg's main entrance will be replaced with an address at Agro Business Park on Niels Pedersen's Allé 2, 8830 Tjele, starting August 15th, 2023.

The new offices are only 300 meters from the main entrance at AU Viborg and DCA's old premises – just a four-minute walk.

So even though we may not be sitting where we used to, we are still just a phone call, an email, or a quick walk away.

Come and pay us a visit

It's not healthy to sit still for too long at a time, so take a refreshing walk down to us and have a cup of coffee and a guided tour.

We always welcome visits and are always ready to assist our fellow AU colleagues, whether it's providing communication support for press inquiries or offering expert advice for complex academic questions.

So drop by – it's actually the doctor's orders...