Dean's Secretariat at Technical Sciences

Our responsibility include management support and advising the dean and vice deans in the areas of research and talent, collaboration with external partners, regulatory compliance, and education.

The communication team supports the dean's office in press inquiries, strategic communication, and leadership communication, as well as supporting the departments in recruitment and research dissemination.

The secretariat also coordinates START and AU Viborg.

You are very welcome to contact us - our contact information is provided below.

Head of Secretariat and Chief Adviser

  • Management of the secretariat
  • Chief advisor to the dean

Employees in the secretariat


Chief secretary to the dean

  • Dean's meetings (secretary)
  • Management assistance for the dean

Adviser to the Dean

  • Management assistance for the dean
  • Faculty management meetings (secretariat)
  • Advisory Board (secretariat)
  • Folkemødet
  • AU strategy
  • Tech strategy

Else Thordahl Meyer

T +45 2212 1073

Legal advisor for the dean's office

  • FSU in collaboration with HR (secretary)
  • Faculty's GDPR coordinator


Danny Damsgaard

T +45 20710888


  • Engineering Board (secretariat)
  • Katrinebjerg

Advisor to the Vice-Dean for Education

  • Education and Recruitment at AU Viborg
  • Maternity leave substitute education advisor

Marie Oue Hansen

T +45 9350 8130

Advisor to the Vice-Dean for Education

(maternity leave from 21.02.2023)

  • Tech Education Forum (secretariat)
  • Steering Committee for Retention, Tech (secretariat)


Heidi Søndergaard

T +45 4189 3301


  • Recruitment material and campaigns (engineer)
  • Web layout and support
  • Graphics, layout, and printing (engineer)
  • Member of the Study Guide Editorial Team for bachelor and master's degrees
  • Member of the Editorial Team
  • Member of the AU Marketing Group
  • Member of the AU Web Coordination Group


  • AU Viborg communication regarding student recruitment
  • AU Viborg internal communication
  • (content)
  • Tech LinkedIn
  • Public Affairs
  • Member of IKOO - AU network for internal communication


  • Research communication and science journalism
  • Press and external communication
  • Advisory

Jesper Bruun

T +45 4240 4140


  • AU Engineering Communication
  • Advisory
  • Press and external communication
  • Research communication and science journalism
  • Student recruitment
  • Member of the National Recruitment group
  • Member of the Tech Business Committee
  • Member of the AU Cross-Press Group

Kim Harel

T +45 4189 3302


  • AU Engineering Communication
  • Advisory
  • Press and external communication
  • Research communication and science journalism
  • Student recruitment

Mette Agerup

T +45 4026 0514


  • Communication advisor for the dean
  • Strategic advice (press and communication)
  • Press contact and media handling for the dean/dean's office
  • External communication at AU Viborg

Sandra Jessen


  • Student assistant
  • Content for current students on social media

Research and talent



  • Management assistance to the head of secretariat
  • Faculty management meetings (The secretariat)
  • Meeting planning
  • Travel planning
  • Various administrative tasks

Ida Marie Gerdes

T +45 3036 0665


  • Academic Council (secretariat)
  • Equality Committee (secretariat)
  • Research Ethics Committee (secretariat)
  • Fr. Chr. Frantsen (secretariat)
  • Nominations, appointments, and awards (internal and external)
  • AU Elective Subject Contact Person

Administrative Coordinator for START

  • Internal and national coordinator for the Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems - START.

Advisor to the Vice-Dean for Research and Talent

  • Tech Research Committee (secretariat)
  • Network for Scientific Coordinators (secretariat)

Thomas Plesner

T +45 2297 2351

Advisor to the vice-dean for the Public Sector Consultancy and Business Collaboration

  • Quality coordinator for Tech
  • Public Sector Consultancy Committee for Technical Sciences
  • Agreement Secretariat, Management Group under the Framework, Agreement with MIM/FVM.
  • Course manager, course on science-based advice