Communication & press

If you need local help regarding media tasks and other communication tasks including social media, please contact the person responsible for communication at your department. See list below.

For strategic communication and faculty support, as well as general communication advice, please contact the Dean's secretariat at Technical Sciences.

  • Department of Agroecology

    • 93522136

  • Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

    • 41414043

  • Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering

    • 42404140

    • 41893302

  • Department of Ecoscience

    • 87158445

  • Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering

    • 42404140

    • 41893302

  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    • 42404140

    • 41893302

  • Department of Environmental Science

    • 93522139

  • Department of Food

    • 61220291

  • Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

    • 42404140

    • 41893302

  • DCA - Danish Centre For Food And Agriculture


  • DCE - Danish Centre For Environment And Energy

    • 87151354

  • Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics

    • 87158032

Need help planning a conference or an event?

Events and Communication support are ready to guide you through the planning process of your event. You can also contact the communication responsible at your department to inquire about the possibilities. You will find contact information at the top of this page.

AU Design and templates

AU's design programme constitutes the overall graphic framework for profiling Aarhus University. The design programe ensures that the university is always presented professionally and consistently across media, channels, and platforms.

Policy for using logo mark and logotype at Tech

Technical Sciences has adopted a policy for the use of logos. Read about rules and guidance about logotype, secondary logo and AU Seal