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Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen

2021.06.17 |

The financial adjustments at Technical Sciences have now been completed

The financial process initiated at Technical Sciences by dean Eskild Holm Nielsen on 1 March 2021 has now been concluded, and it is expected that the savings made will mean that faculty can meet its framework conditions for the 2022 budget.

Photo: Hannes Johnson, Unsplash

2021.05.28 |

How to handle spam emails in your inbox

AU is currently under attack by a wave of spam emails with unpleasant and inappropriate content. You are encouraged to report the spam emails in Outlook.

Photo: Scott Graham for Unsplash

2021.05.28 |

Brightspace: Where to get help and support

AU's new learning platform, Brightspace, is now open and accessible to all teaching staff and course administrators. Centre for Educational Development (CED) are ready to help you getting set up in the new system for the upcoming start of term. There will be workshops specifically tailored for teaching staff at Tech as well as online support. Read…

2021.05.26 |

Would you like to know more about the European Innovation Council and its funding opportunities?

Are you a researcher, research coordinator, university spinout or startup? Would you like to know more about EIC which provides funding to high risk deep tech interdisciplinary research teams and innovative startups or SME’s in the size of EUR 2.5 million in grant plus up to EUR 15 million in venture capital?

2021.05.19 |

Status regarding cutbacks at Technical Sciences

On Monday 17 May, consultation letters regarding planned dismissal were issued to 30 employees, corresponding to almost 27 full-time positions. A total of approx. 80 employees have been affected by the cutbacks to varying degrees.

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