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The Faculty of Technical Sciences has received 3,032 applications, of which 1,163 were first-choice applications. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2020.07.06 |

Increase in applications for Technical Sciences

As expected, applications to Denmark’s higher education degree programmes have increased this year – this also applies to Aarhus University, which has received 5% more first-choice applications compared to last year. Preliminary figures show that engineering and IT degree programmes have seen the greatest increase.

Illustration: The process is based around a number of working groups that will make recommendations on how to create the best possible framework for realising the visions behind the proposed new organisation of the engineering area. (Illustration: Astrid Reitzel, AU)

2020.07.03 |

Dialogue with employees about the new organisation in the engineering area

A process involving the employees in the engineering area will now be initiated. This means that employees who are affected by the proposal will have the opportunity to enter into dialogue and provide input and experience. This will be done in parallel with the consultation process which started on 17 June.

Professor Brian Vinter. (Photo: SCIENCE at KU)

2020.07.03 |

New vice-dean for research for the Faculty of Technical Sciences

Professor Brian Vinter will be the new vice-dean for research from 1. August. He comes from a position at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen. The new vice-dean comes from a solid background in the intersection between knowledge and industry, and has a good sense of where technological developments are going.

Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen wishes employees and students at Tech a wonderful summer.  (Foto: Melissa Yildirim, AU)

2020.06.25 |

Summer greetings from the dean

Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen wishes all staff and students at Tech a wonderful summer, and takes stock of his first six months as dean, which have been strongly influenced by corona, working at a distance and the proposed new organisation of the engineering area. An exciting and eventful autumn lies ahead after the holiday, and strategy work will be a…

Vice-dean for education Finn Borchsenius will continue as vice-dean at Tech. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2020.06.23 |

Finn Borchsenius to continue as vice-dean for education at Tech

Finn Borchsenius has been the vice-dean for education of both the new faculties since 1 January, and he has decided to continue as the vice-dean for education at the Faculty of Technical Sciences from 2021.

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