AU ready to help reboot Denmark

The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) has just held the Technology Summit on the Denmark of the future 2030. In the words of the Academy, it is a wake-up call to Danish politicians, who are facing a considerable challenge in drawing up a master plan to redefine the research atlas in a new technological world order.

Front page of the ATV report Danmark 2030. (Ill: ATV)

After five years of analysis and data collection, the Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) can now present its report Danmark 2030. The report is ATV's vision for how Denmark could become one of the world's five leading science and engineering regions in 2030, thereby ensuring a wealthy, green and healthy society for the country in the future.

The message from ATV is clear: It is possible to secure one of the most attractive places in the world, but only with targeted political commitment and collaboration between Denmark’s various players in the area, because there is an unconditional need for research, education and technological innovation if Denmark is to maintain its prominent position.

The report includes a call to politicians to take the lead in a strategy for Denmark's technological development to bring the country to the forefront of development and competitiveness. The good news is that analyses by ATV show that Denmark already has a strong science and engineering ecosystem, and that with a simple intervention this can be shifted into a higher gear. This message is supported by Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen.

"Having read the report, it is clear to me that our faculty is well on the way to making a positive contribution to the goals. We on the commission also discussed the importance of continuing to strengthen our contribution to the society of the future by educating strong graduates with solid competences that match the needs of society, and by ensuring an entrepreneurial spirit with corresponding opportunities around the faculty's activities," says Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen.

Read the ATV report (in Danish), which was written on the basis of large-scale analysis work.