AU Viborg: Academic regulations and recruitment efforts take shape

The academic regulations and course descriptions for AU Viborg's three new study programmes will be ready very soon. The interdisciplinary collaboration on recruitment has also shifted into gear.

The final course descriptions and academic regulations for AU Viborg’s three new study programmes must be ready by early June. This means that the relevant academic environments, led by the three heads of degree programme, are currently in the midst of the huge task of describing individual courses and the degree programmes as a whole. In the autumn, we will be ready to present three brand new degree programmes that will equip future students to contribute to the green transition and to the health and welfare of people and animals.

“I have a great deal of respect for the work currently underway at the institutes. Developing new academic regulations is a massive and complex task that requires merging high academic ambitions with the capacity to meet students at eye level. It also requires close coordination between different subject areas and making difficult decisions on academic content,” says Finn Borchsenius, vice-dean for education at Tech. He continues:

"Fortunately, I see a great deal of commitment across the board, and a great deal of enthusiasm about the opportunity to develop a campus where study programmes are so closely linked to research and the specialist facilities we have at Foulum."

No degree programmes without students

While the degree programmes are taking shape, work to attract students to fill the corridors of AU Viborg in the autumn of 2024 is also in full swing. A recruitment task force was set up in early spring to lay the groundwork for the campaign to introduce the new programmes to potential students. The campaign is set to begin in the autumn.

“We’ve set up a task force in which members of academic staff and recruitment specialists can work together to develop a communication concept for all student-oriented communication in relation to AU Viborg. By early summer, their work will have culminated in a proposal for submission to a communication agency. The aim of the proposal is to ensure we have a satisfactory number of admissions to the new programmes in 2024,” says Finn Borchsenius.

The interdisciplinary collaboration on recruitment activities is being facilitated by AU’s central unit for Student Counselling and Study Information (VEST), which has many years of experience with recruitment communication.

If you have any questions or input for the recruitment activities or the development of the degree programmes, you are welcome to contact Educational Consultant Mathilde Andersen on tel.:+ 45 42 66 24 71 or email