The Danish Young Academy is looking for the research environment of the year 2022

Good research environments make research better. This is the basic premise behind a new award introduced by the Danish Young Academy in which junior researchers can nominate their own research environment and potentially win DKK 10,000 to hold an event. The deadline is 15 March 2022.

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Being part of good research communities is important for the talent development of young researchers. For this reason, the Danish Young Academy, which is part of Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, has established its research environment of the year 2022 award.

The award of DKK 10,000 is to recognise the importance of research environments for the individual researcher's work, performance and well-being, and to recognise the participants' contributions to the community. The goal is also to stimulate debate on the qualities that characterise a good research environment.

Who can nominate a research environment for the award?

The Danish Young Academy has set up a number of parameters for participating - and not least perhaps winning - the award.

Two or more researchers at Master's, PhD, postdoc or assistant professor level employed at a Danish research institution must together nominate a research environment for the award.

A good research environment could, for example, be an environment that promotes excellent research and creativity, testing new ideas, or the well-being and mental health of the research group. It is particularly important that it is clear whether the early career researchers receive supervision, advice and development opportunities.

What is a "research environment"?

The Danish Young Academy has outlined in a press release the specific points that define a research environment in the context of this competition:

• A research group with a supervisor and two or more PhD students

• Either a flat or non-flat structure

• Either digital and/or physical

• Either a formal or informal network

The deadline for applications is 15 March 2022. The prize of DKK 10,000 for an academic or social event will be awarded in June 2022. Send any questions to

Read more about the framework, requirements and possibilities in the press release (in Danish) at the website of the Danish Young Academy.

About the Danish Young Academy

In autumn 2011, the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters set up a new academy of sciences for young talented researchers in Denmark: the Danish Young Academy. The aim of the Danish Young Academy is to enhance basic research and interdisciplinary exchange, bridge the gap between science and society, and to give some of the most talented young researchers in Denmark a public voice.