What is “good teaching”?

Late this summer, all teaching staff at Tech will be invited to share their input and experience with good teaching. We hope to gather enough knowledge so we can create a common basis for what can and should characterise good teaching at Tech.

Photo: Colourbox

Since the beginning of 2022, a working group on didactic basis has examined what characterises good teaching at Tech. It is a comprehensive process that has so far gathered input from students and heads of degree programmes at the faculty, as well from research within the field. The next step will be to invite all teaching staff at Tech to describe what characterises good teaching.

“Good teachers are probably the factor that can be ascribed the greatest influence on student learning. Which is why it’s crucial that we now gather direct and specific input from the teaching staff who are so important to one of Tech's core activities. We want to gather input and use it to create a solid understanding of good practice, and to create a basis for a dynamic description of what can and should characterise teaching at Tech – a sort of didactic basis to support dialogue about teaching in the future,” says Finn Borchsenius, vice-dean for education.

The questionnaire will be in the form of an online survey. Teachers will receive an invitation to participate after the summer holidays. Once the responses have been received, they will be compiled, and the aim is to have a solid basis on which to continue the work around the new year.