New rules for time registration on projects to take effect from the new year

The senior management team has decided that, from the start of the year, personnel at AU no longer need to register project time unless it is required by external grant givers.

In August, the senior management team agreed on common principles for project time registration at AU. This means that, from the start of next year, you will no longer be able to register your time on a project unless it is required by an external funder.

ProMark will close for 2022 registrations on 5 January at 12.00 after long and faithful service, and from 25 January a module for project time management will be applied in the new system: mitHR.

During the transitional period from 5 to 25 January Projekt Controller has access to make repostings on 2022 registrations in Promark.

Time registration on projects to move to mitHR

If you are working on projects that require time registration, please do so in mitHR in the ProjektTid module.  If you need help, the department secretaries with support access to the system will help you get started. This will be on a monthly timesheet, which must be completed and submitted before the monthly bookkeeping.

How you should and can register your working hours after 1 January

Employees covered by the Circular on the state working hours agreement (Cirkulære om statens arbejdstidsaftale) should continue to register their working hours in the usual Excel sheets. For example, this applies to skilled tradesmen, agricultural technologists, laboratory technicians and employees under the United Federation of Danish Workers (3F).

Other employees who need to register working hours should go to the AU website, where there is an EXCEL spreadsheet for the purpose.

Employees who are covered by flexitime agreements (e.g. technical/administrative staff (TAP) and academic staff in administrative positions (AC TAP)) will receive more information from their nearest manager. Read more here > >

The next step

Individual departments, centres and units are now clarifying and describing the future processes for registration of working hours.

Meanwhile, we are working on planning programmes with the mitHR system. When intro videos, guides and FAQs have been prepared, they will be uploaded regularly here>>

Together with the appointed coordinators from the individual departments, we will make sure that relevant information is published.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Mette Vigen at regarding ProjektTid and the system

Astrid Egerod Leth at regarding the project and planned implementation