New organization of the AU Viborg project

The AU Viborg project and the development of the three new study programmes have entered a new phase, which has required a new organization of the project. Here you will find the new organizational chart for the project, which gives you an overview of the project's various groups and the contact persons you can reach out to if you have any questions.

In connection with a new organization of the AU Viborg project, The Dean’s Secretariat has hired Jesper Bredmose Simonsen, who takes over the task as project manager for AU Viborg from Casper Hansen Borchmann. Jesper's task will be to ensure the continued progress, development and coordination of the project.

If you have questions about AU Viborg, you can contact Jesper at or tel. 93 50 90 06.

In addition, Mathilde Andersen has been employed in The Dean’s Secretariat, where she will support both the work to develop the three new study programmes at AU Viborg and the recruitment efforts in relation to new potential students.

Mathilde can be contacted at or tel. 42662471.

Find the new organizational chart and contact persons here >>