Research support has moved to Tech

From 2024 research support at Aarhus University will be restructured. As a result, Technical Sciences will be responsible for providing research support to a range of programs and foundations, which was previously handled by the AU Research Support Office.

In February 2024 new funding coordinators will join Technical Sciences to comprise a new unit at faculty level: Tech Research Support.

What has changed?
If you are in need of research support, you need to be aware of the new structure. From January 2024 research support will operate on three levels:

  • AU Research Support Office at central level
  • Tech Research Support at faculty level
  • Scientific Coordinators at departmental level

The AU Research Support Office will continue to handle EU applications, which it will support to the same extent as previously.

The newly established Tech Research Support will be responsible for tasks that are of a general nature and applicable across departments, such as providing research support for larger grants like NNF, Villum, and more. It will furthermore act as a research support hub across Technical Sciences, ensuring the coordination of research support for Tech’s researchers in their academic endeavours.

Scientific Coordinators at departmental level will continue to ensure that researchers receive professional support locally, in recognition that the role of Scientific Coordinator, and the departments, are best suited to provide tailored support to the individual researcher in their research and career development.

Who to contact?
For inquiries about research support, please contact your local Scientific Coordinator from January 2024. More information will follow in the coming months as Tech Research Support is fully staffed.

Where to find more info?
Tech Research Support will soon launch a website. The website will be online from February 2024. It will have information about the support Tech Research Support offers, foundations and funds, events, workshops, and other information pertaining to research support.