Information from Tech about AU's institutional plan

As you have already been made aware Tech has been instructed to make its contribution to AU's draft for reduction or relocation as part of the government's political agreement ”Flere og bedre uddannelsesmuligheder i hele Danmark".

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The university management at AU has drafted an institutional plan which will now be put into a proces of commenting. After the comment round, which has a deadline of 3 December, drafts and comments will be submitted to the AU Board of Directors.

The final proposal will be sent to the Ministry of Education and Research no later than the end of the year. The final policy decision on what to do is expected to be made in spring 2022.

Only then, do we know the detailed process and timetable for when we expect to implement the decisions at Tech. This is expected from 2026 and onwards.

Tech's part for the institutional plan have two main areas. More educations for Campus Foulum and a stagnation in admission in the field of engineering.

The main initiative of the institutional plan is to create a strong, modern educational campus in Foulum, which will include veterinary medicine and Animal Science. In the long term, it also involves moving agrobiology to Foulum within a time horizon of 4-6 years.

Tech's four engineering institutes are not directly affected by relocation or reduction. Indirectly, however, the institutes will be affected as the government initiative means that growth in the recruitment of engineering students is not possible for the time being. A stagnation in the admission of engineering students therefore challenges our opportunities to meet the ever-increasing need for graduates from technical educations.

I hope that there will be acceptance and understanding that Tech has been entrusted with a task that we have approached in the best possible way within the framework that has been given to us.

Tech is very concerned with ensuring openness and transparency and will therefore continuously inform about the process along the way.

Read more about AU's institutional plan here.

Eskild Holm Nielsen

Dekan / Dean, TECH