Quality management system for public sector consultancy simplified after revision

Maintaining the comprehensive quality management system that ensures the high quality of Tech's consultancy services is an ongoing endeavour. A new revision has just been implemented, with easy-to-read summaries of all key procedures.

Ongoing feedback from users, the external audit in the summer, and the internal audits are all used to develop the quality management system for Tech's consultancy to make it more robust and easier to work with.

Easy-to-read summaries of all key procedures have been drawn up for the latest revision. The so-called compressed procedures make it easy to find out what is important to remember when doing consultancy tasks. Some minor system changes have also been implemented - and 'consultancy' has replaced the previous 'public sector consultancy' as the term for what we deliver.

"Maintaining a quality management system that ensures arm's length, transparency and consistency in our advice is crucial. It's an ongoing task shared by all of us who work with consultancy for authorities and companies. That's why it's so valuable when colleagues tell us where we can do things better," says Vice-dean Ole Hertel, and he continues:

"The easier the system is to use, the better it is used - and the better we are at using the system, the easier we can document the high quality of our work."

As always, you can find the current version of the system and its procedures here: https://tech.au.dk/raadgivning/myndighedsbetjening/kvalitetssikring/kvalitetsledelsessystem/.

Remember that there is a summary version of the quality management system here: https://tech.au.dk/raadgivning/myndighedsbetjening/kvalitetssikring/kvalitetsledelsessystem/pixi-kvalitetsledelsessystem.

New quality goals up to 2026

As part of the ongoing development of the system, Tech's Public Sector Consultancy Committee defines new quality goals every year to ensure even better quality in the coming period. The quality goal for 2026 is about minimising delays in our deliveries. Read more about the new quality goals here.

If you have any questions about the quality management system, please contact Tech Quality Coordinator Thomas Plesner at tpl@au.dk.