Remember to file – for your sake and the sake of your colleagues

Filing ensures openness and transparency surrounding your work. However, you are also doing your future self and your colleagues a favour by filing. Remember that all critical administrative documentation must be filed in Workzone.

You probably already know this, but Workzone is a life-saver when a colleague goes on long-term sick leave, when you need to reconstruct a decision-making process, or when a request to access documents comes through. If you and your colleagues have developed good filing practices, then you will always know where to find the documentation you need.

As directed by the senior management team, administrative employees at Aarhus University must save all critical documentation in Workzone to ensure efficient and coherent administrative processes.

In practice, this means you must file the following examples in Workzone:

  • Research administration
    All incoming and outgoing correspondence/emails as well as finished internal documents such as agendas and minutes from meetings, research applications, concluded contracts and formal agreements as well as significant documents or critical internal correspondence in this connection. You do not need to file specific research data.
  • Processing of cases regarding specific people
    Decisions on e.g dispensation cases, credit transfer cases, complaints to boards of studies or employment cases with HR.
  • Critical documentation
    For example management decisions, decisions by formal meeting forums, contracts, deeds, correspondence with external parties in connection with cases if the correspondence is significant for a case or the processing of a case.

Want to find out more?

In early summer 2023, the Dean’s Secretariat decided to collaborate with AU HR Data and Digitisation on organising courses for administrative employees about filing in Workzone . And even though the courses have now been held, you can still contact AU HR Data and Digitisation and ask them to come by your workplace to talk about the topic.

Contact Eva Vestergaard Kristensen to learn more about booking a visit.

You can also always contact your superuser if you have any questions.

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