Take a look at the pictures: Thanks for a festive Summer Hangout

More than 900 employees from Tech attended this year's edition of the Tech Summer Hangout, which once again offered both professional inspiration and pleasant socializing with colleagues from across the entire faculty.

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Photo: Frank Rosgaard

It was a delighted dean who, on Friday the 18th of August, could welcome everyone to this year's Tech Summer Hangout in the beautiful surroundings near Navitas. Over 900 employees from various locations within the faculty had made their way to the waterfront in Aarhus C to enjoy a cozy day in good company with colleagues from near and far.

"It turned into a true celebration with sunshine, and as the dean, it's a great pleasure to see so many colleagues enjoy each other's company across the faculty. Thanks to all who participated – and who contributed to making the day a success," says Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen on LinkedIn.

The day began with an inspiring poster session from a number of the faculty's PhD students. After that, people moved to the party area to get something to eat, listen to music, socialize with colleagues, or challenge them in demanding activities like cornhole, ladder golf, or table football.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to making the day a success – we look forward to seeing you next year.


Eskild Holm Nielsen on LinkedIn