The financial adjustments at Technical Sciences have now been completed

The financial process initiated at Technical Sciences by dean Eskild Holm Nielsen on 1 March 2021 has now been concluded, and it is expected that the savings made will mean that faculty can meet its framework conditions for the 2022 budget.

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Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen

The consultation cases have now been decided. A number of voluntary resignations and senior agreements have been made, as well as agreements on reduced hours. This means that a total of around 80 employees at the faculty and in the administrative centre will be affected by the savings in the near future.   

Employees in the units affected have today been informed about the number of employees leaving the individual departments and centres. The number of employees leaving announced locally consists of the number of voluntary redundancy packages agreed combined with the number of redundancies.

Department of Agroecology: 10 
Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering: 1 
Department of Bioscience: 8 
Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering: 2 
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: 3 
Department of Animal Science: 6 
Department of Environmental Science: 8 
Nat-Tech administrative centre: 6

A total of 44 employees will be leaving, as appeared above. The total number of positions affected is approximately 80 since there are also positions affected via voluntary senior agreements, agreements on reduced hours, relocations, resignations and positions not refilled. 

“There is no doubt the process now drawing to an end has been extremely tough. And even though the process itself is over, there is still a great deal of work ahead to establish the future framework we will be working under. Not least in the units that will lose some good colleagues,” said Dean Eskild Holm Nielsen.   

He stresses that the future for Tech as a faculty is on a solid foundation.   

“There have been a few bumps on the way, and there are sure to be obstacles in future as we work towards our goals. But now we have a firmer foundation, and we can work together to ensure that Tech remains an attractive workplace, and that we can execute our important role in digitalisation and the green transition,” he concludes.

Read more about the financial-adjustment process on the website