Report categories

The Tech Faculty Management decided at the meeting on 20 March 2020 that all reports published from institutes and centres must be published within four report categories:

  1. Consultancy reports
    Reports for the purpose of reporting research-based public-sector consultancy and monitoring, which are addressed at the request of the authorities and other requisitioners, including reports on research-based public-sector consultancy under the frame work agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Food.
  2. Consultancy notes
    As 1., just not published as actual reports. Often short, often with a short dead line.
  3. Research report
    Reports presenting new research-based knowledge which do not fall under 1. and 2. A prerequisite for publication as a research report is that knowledge cannot wait for peer review publishing. The category is expected to be used extremely rarely.
  4. Communication reports
    Communication og already published research, including peer-reviewed research, meeting appendices and other things which do not fall under the definitions of 1., 2 and 3. In order to be published in this category, reports must have a significant public interest, either for clearly defined target groups or for the general public.

Please note that all reports must be quality-assured, as a minimum, corresponding to the procedures in Tech's quality management system for public-sector consultancy.

It must be stated on the cover of the report to which category the report belongs and the report category in question must be described in or near the colophon. Apart from that, the report categories do not give rise to any new formal requirements.


The report category in question can be determined by answering the following question:

Does the report provide research-based public-sector consultancy or monitoring requested by an external requisitioner?

  • Yes, the report deals with research-based public-sector consultancy. Should the answer be published as "public" report, using a report layout? If "Yes", the report is a 1. Consultancy report. If "No", the report is a 2. Consultancy note.
  • No, the report does not address research-based public-sector consultancy. Does the report provide research-based knowledge that cannot wait for a peer review publication? If "Yes", the report is a 3. Research Report. If "No", the report is a 4. Communication report.