Anonymised exams

The study administration is now ready with the next step in the implementation of anonymisation of exams, which began in the summer of 2023 across AU.

In the following, you can read the framework for anonymisation that applies to NAT and TECH from the winter exam 2023/24 onwards.

Which exams are anonymised?

Anonymised exams

Written exams (including paper-based)

Take-home assignments without oral defense (including final exams)

Combinations of these two test elements, e.g. Take-home assignment + Written

Exams that cannot be anonymised

Exams containing one of the following test elements:

  • Oral
  • Practical
  • Lecture participation

Take-home assignments that include handing in a video presentation, as this is equated with oral defense.

If parts of the exam are submitted in a system other than WISEflow, the exam cannot be anonymised.

An exam is selected for anonymisation solely based on the exam form specified in the course description. The only exception is video presentations, which should instead be clearly indicated in the exam notes.

The exam form is the one that appears first under “Exam details” in the course description:

It is therefore important that the exam form is stated correctly in the course description, so that all relevant exams are anonymised. For example, it is not sufficient to put "Written" as the exam form if a take-home assignment is part of the assessment.

Background to the decision

In November 2022, the Education Committee decided that as many exams as possible at AU must be anonymised. The decision has among other reasons been taken at the request of student organisations across the university.

The implementation was initiated in the summer of 2023 and completed this winter.

In the summer of 2023, NAT and TECH anonymised written exams (when not combined with other test elements), as well as set take-home assignments (where the assignment was distributed and submitted in WISEflow).

The number of exam forms that are anonymised was expanded this winter as described above. From now on, exams must be anonymised unless the exam form and its execution has features that prevent it.

It has therefore been decided that exams with the test elements "Oral", "Lecture participation" and "Practical" will not be anonymised. It has also been decided that take-home assignments can be anonymised. This includes assignments with supervision attached, as the exam paper will be anonymous to the external/internal co-examiner.

Guidance for students

We have made a guide on anonymization for students, which can be found on the study portals under Important information about exams. All anonymised exams in WISEflow also link to this page.

As course coordinator, it is a good idea to inform the students on your course that their exam is anonymous. For example, it is important that they do not write their name and study number in their file name and the exam paper itself.

What do I do if I would like to give a student feedback on an anonymised exam?

Examiners are welcome to make themselves available to give students feedback. 

It is then up to the student to seek feedback on their paper. In this case, the student must provide their participation index to the examiner.

Anonymisation in WISEflow

In WISEflow, students are anonymized by using participation index (“flow-løbenummer” or “deltagerindex” in Danish) instead of their exam number. This is how it looks like for assessors in WISEflow:

Unlike their exam number, a student's participation index changes from exam to exam. This ensures a higher degree of anonymisation.