GAI and chatbots

AU has adjusted the rules for the use of Generative AI (GAI) so that it is now allowed in certain projects. However, it is still important that students correctly cite and reflect on the use of GAI.

When is GAI allowed for exams?

Across all of AU, the decision is that students may use GAI for bachelor projects, master’s theses and final EVU exams.

In Tech's engineering programmes, this is also allowed in certain other projects*. 

In addition, there may be courses where GAI is already allowed in the course description. But in all other cases, it is still not allowed (i.e. 'All aids' in course descriptions do not include GAI). 

*Semester projects, R&D projects, R&P projects as well as the project courses at BSc.

Use of GAI must be cited and declared

The general rules for source referencing and plagiarism still apply, even if GAI is allowed. Therefore, students must clearly state the use of GAI.  

The students must therefore complete and enclose this declaration as an appendix to their project.

The declaration is used as a source reference for the overall use of GAI in the project, while direct reproductions of, for example, GAI-generated text must be stated as a quote according to the usual rules. 

Good advice for supervisors

  • The assessment must not be affected by whether the student has used GAI or not – the student must be assessed on the same premises and still on their independent work.
  • Feel free to talk to the students about GAI as a method tool – e.g. based on the declaration, so that the students are also guided in filling out the declaration.
  • If there is an oral defence, use it as a way for the students to explain and reflect on the role GAI has played in the project.
  • If you are unsure how GAI can be implemented in your project, you can initially seek inspiration and guidance at AU Educate. Alternatively, you can contact your Head of Programme.

GAI and confidential data

It is still the student's responsibility to relate critically to what is used in the project – whether it is from GAI or other sources of information. 

If the student works with confidential, personal, non-anonymized content, or content that is copyrighted, then it should not be shared with a GAI technology. AU does not currently have GDPR approved GAI technologies, nor has AU entered into a data processing agreement with GAI technologies. This means that many of the GAI technologies collect and process ordinary personal data in the United States to improve the technologies. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the sensitivity of data.

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