New didactic foundation for teaching and learning at Tech

Tech now has a shared didactic foundation to help define and stimulate the debate about what we at Tech believe is good teaching and learning. It’s now time for that didactic foundation to take root within the organisation.

After a comprehensive process involving students, teaching staff and other faculty members, Tech now has a didactic foundation that provides specific ideas about what constitutes good teaching and learning at the faculty. The new foundation was prepared by a working group chaired by Jens Bennedsen, professor of engineering at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

"The didactic foundation is intended as a starting point for discussing and disseminating good practice for teaching and learning at Tech. During the process, we prioritised gathering input from as many different people as we could – from staff at Estates Facilities and Studies Administration, to managers and students, and to all our teaching staff, who naturally have some experience in this area," says Jens Bennedsen.

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The didactic foundation defines the three players who share responsibility for creating good learning. The student must be engaged with his or her studies, the lecturer is responsible for creating an inspiring learning environment and the institution must provide good teaching facilities.

"At Tech, our strategy has been centred on meeting our students where they are, but what does this mean for our teaching, and how do we do it in practice? We’re hoping that the new didactic foundation can help inspire fresh discussions about teaching and learning, and we hope these discussions will ultimately further elevate teaching and student learning at Tech," says Jens Bennedsen.

Want to know more about the new didactic foundation?

The working group encourages departments to use the didactic foundation for discussion and debate, e.g. on department days and didactic days, at section meetings, or in other forums where education is a topic. If you are looking for inspiration or help, you are welcome to contact Jens Bennedsen

The didactic foundation in brief


  • Engage in their learning
  • Give themselves a good framework for learning
  • Contribute to a good learning environment

The teacher...

  • Has a good understanding of the students
  • Creates an inspiring learning environment
  • Shows in-depth knowledge and expertise
  • Ensures coherence with other disciplines and society as a whole

The institution...

  • Ensures appropriate educational facilities and physical surroundings
  • Ensures optimal planning
  • Facilitates collaboration between relevant stakeholders
  • Provides opportunities for upgrading and competency development

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