New website about the rules for using GAI in Tech exams

AU students are now allowed to use Copilot, ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI (GAI) in Bachelor’s projects, MA theses and in final FE exams. Tech's engineering programmes have expanded the list of projects on which GAI is permitted. Teachers can read more about this on Tech's new website about using GAI in exams.

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Photo: Lars Kruse

ChatGPT, Dall-E2, Copilot and other forms of generative AI (GAI) are here to stay. Aarhus University is well aware of this, and it was announced in February that students can now use GAI for Bachelor’s projects, MA theses or final FE exams.

However, engineering programmes at Tech have gone a step further. Here, students are also allowed to use GAI in semester projects, R&D projects, R&P projects, and in some project courses on Bachelor's programmes. There may also be other individual courses where the use of GAI is permitted in the course description.

Students enrolled on a project on which they are allowed to use GAI have been sent the new rules by email, and the information is also available on the study portals.

Do you teach at Tech and do you want to be absolutely clear about when and how students can use GAI in their exams? Then visit the new website to find out more >>

Students must make sure to declare when they use GAI in exams, and GAI-generated text must be cited according to the usual rules for citing sources. It is also important that students reflect on their use of GAI.

The new website has a number of tips on GAI for supervisors, as well as the declaration students have to attach to their assignments when using GAI.