5. The project is concluded with publication of results, press, etc.

Beneath you as a researcher can get answers to questions about publication of results, press, etc.


When AU publishes the product, it must clearly state how the product was produced, including who financed it, wrote it, quality assured it, commented on it, and contributed to it in general. The outside world must clearly be able to see that the project has been conducted independently of the external party. If press material is distributed, the same guidelines apply as for the product: Maintain your research integrity and do not let external parties tone the wording of the press material.

Filing all relevant documents should ensure that you and your colleagues are able to retrieve your material, and that AU is able to accommodate any requests for access to documents.

How should the product be designed?

When you conclude the contract, you should agree whether the product is to be a memo, a report, an article in a specialist magazine, a scientific journal, etc.

Who should be listed as authors if the product is published by AU?

As a general rule, only AU researchers should be listed, so that it does not appear as if there was co-authorship with the external party. The external party's contribution must be clearly defined and must be clearly declared. This may be individual chapters, data basis, input for tables and other individual elements in the product. If there has been close collaboration throughout the entire process and the contributions cannot be separated clearly, the product must not be published by AU. Instead, it should be a peer-reviewed article

Who should be stated as contributors (acknowledgements)?

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Contributions from project partners and intellectual contributions from others should be declared, recognised and cited in the text or under ‘Acknowledgements’ with a wording approved by the persons being acknowledged. This is often where the external party will be acknowledged in products published by AU.

Where should the information on authorship and contributors be stated?

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At the front of the product, in the colophon and/or in the foreword.

Where should the information on funding be stated?

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In the collaboration contract prepared by the TTO on the basis of your information, as well as at the front of the product.

How should it be stated that the external party has commented on the product?

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Forms with comments and responses to the comments should be kept on the project file.

What should be filed?

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All incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as all business-critical/project-related internal correspondence, etc. See also the upcoming filing guidelines for ST.

Who is responsible for filing?

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The researcher is responsible for ensuring that all relevant material is filed. How filing is organised can be agreed locally.

Who is responsible for creating the file for the project?

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Usually the researcher, but other arrangements can be agreed locally.

Who can prepare press material?

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You can get help from the department/DCA/DCE. The external party must not have any influence on press material that is distributed from AU. Joint press releases are possible, provided it is clearly stated it is a joint press release, and provided it is clear who is making statements about what.

Can the external party write press releases issued from AU?

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Can I contribute to a press release from an external party?

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As a rule, AU researchers are not quoted in press material from external parties. Press material issued by the external party with reference to the product must be approved by you.

Who can talk to the press about the project?

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As a researcher, you are entitled to make statements about everything. If others misinterpret the product, you have an obligation to draw attention to this, possibly with help from your department. With regard to freedom of speech, see the link to the guidelines on the topic from the Ministry of Justice (in Danish) under "Further questions".