Academic Council to Technical Sciences

The Academic Council ensures collaboration and interdisciplinary development both within the faculty and across faculties, and thereby contribute to the overall development of the university.

The Academic Council ensures the continuous involvement of staff and students in order to make sure that these groups have influence on the management and development of the faculty. The council's task is to ensure transparency and legitimacy in all decisions on academic issues, and through regular discussions about the faculty's core activities, the council is a guarantor for academically responsible management of such issues, particularly with regard to research and education. Members of the Academic Council help secure quality assurance and stimulate new ideas and proposals.



Dean: Eskild Holm Nielsen


Department of Agroecology: Associate Professor René Gislum

Department of Ecoscience: Senior Researcher Annette Baatrup-Pedersen

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering: Associate Professor Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences: Senior Researcher Jens Malmkvist

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering: Professor Søren Wandahl

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Professor Björn Andresen

Department of Environmental Science and DCE: Senior Researcher Anne Jensen (chair)

Department of Food Science: Associate Professor Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering: Professor Martin Heide Jørgensen

Centre for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics: Assistant Professor Emre Karaman


Technical Assistant Ahmad Madary, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Fundraiser Stine Wendelboe Bjorholm, Department of Ecoscience

Chief secretary Louise Fischer Koue, Center for Quantitative Genetics and genomics

PhD Students

Maria Holst Kjeldsen

Hadi Sehat


Stine Munkholm Jespersen

Emil Lunau Bentsen

Aske Høj Merrild

Matouš Najman