Business & Innovation Committee

The Business and Innovation Committee is the coordinating body for business-oriented activities at Technical Sciences. The committee consists of representatives from the departments, centres and the dean's office.

The Business and Innovations Committee helps forge more widespread dialogue and collaboration with the private sector and the public sector. The committee also advises the dean and the management team at the faculty on business partnerships, and the committee is therefore a coordinating body for activities relating to business collaboration. The aim of the committee is to ensure a professional approach to the private sector.

The Business and Innovation Committee is also a coordinating body for the local business committees at the departments and centres.


Chair:  xx

Department of Agroecology: Senior Researcher Birte Boelt

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering: Deputy Head of Department Thomas Lundgaard

Department of Ecoscience:  Special Consultant Stine Slotsbo

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering: xx

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Senior Consulant Andy Drysdale

Department of Food Science: Seniorforsker Martin Jensen

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences: Professor Søren Østergaard

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering: Deputy Head of Department Helle Wivel

Department of Environmental Science: Senior Researcher Hans Sanderson

Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture (DCA): Corporate- and International Coordinator Margrethe Balling Høstgaard

The Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE): Chief Consultant Anja Skjoldborg Hansen

Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics: Senior Adviser Morten Kargo