Public Sector Consultancy Committee for Technical Sciences

The committee is the faculty's advisory and coordinating body for public sector consultancy, and consists of representatives of the local public sector consultancy committees as well as the directors of DCE and DCA.

The Public Sector Consultancy Committee promotes the development of research-based public sector consultancy both academically and financially. The objectives are to enhance quality and competitiveness, and to future-proof the revenue base. 

The purpose of the faculty's Public Sector Consultancy Committee is to provide a forum for strategic discussions and interdisciplinary exchange of experiences in order to strengthen public-sector consultancy and seek out new markets. In addition, the committee advises the dean and the faculty management team on public sector consultancy issues.


Chair: Vice-dean for Public Sector Consultancy and Business Collaboration Kurt Nielsen

DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture: Director Niels Halberg

DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy: Director Hanne Bach

Department of Agroecology: Senior Manager Professor Jørgen Eriksen

Department of Ecoscience: Professor Jakob Tougaard

Department of Food Science: Associate Professor Ulla Kidmose

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences: Professor Lene Juul Pedersen

Department of Engineering: Deputy head of department, BCE, Morten Dam Rasmussen

Department of Environmental Science: Senior Researcher and Head of Section Thomas Ellermann

Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics: Assistant professor Trine Michelle Villumsen

Dean's Secretariat: Advisor Thomas Plesner