Digital Infrastructure Committee at Technical Sciences

State of the art digital infrastructure for computing power and storage is crucial for fulfilling the ambitions in AU “Strategy “2025” on more interdisciplinary research powered by large datasets and algorithms while ensuring sufficient data protection. Tech needs to improve its data infrastructure and data management in order to meet national and international requirements and reap the benefits of research and teaching powered by data from across the faculty.

The purpose of the Digital Infrastructure Committee at the Faculty of Technical Sciences is to contribute to the strategic objectives by managing and coordinating the digital infrastructure and resources at Tech related to both computing and storage. The Committee should contribute to new HPC-initiatives that power new research areas in and between existing research areas.

The Digital Infrastructure Committee at Tech should be a forum for strategic discussions and exchanges of experiences across departments and interface with the AU HPC Committee.

Chair: Vice-Dean for Research Brian Vinter

Department of Agroecology: Postdoc Amélie Marie Beucher

Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences: Senior Researcher Leslie Foldager

Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering: Associate Professor Jens Vinge Nygaard

Department of Ecoscience: Academic Employee Daniel Spelling Clausen

Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering: Associate Professor Zoltan Nagy

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering: Deputy Head of Department Daniel E. Lucani Rötter

Department of Environmental Science: Professor Peter L. Langen

Department of Food Science: Professor Derek V. Byrne

Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering: Associate Professor Søren Peder Madsen

Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics: Member of Administrative Staff Viktor Milkevych

DCE - Danish Centre For Environment And Energy: Project Manager Lars Moeslund Svendsen

AU IT: Team Leader Henrik Badstue