The TECH Forum for Education

Terms of reference for the TECH Forum for Education


The objectives of the TECH Forum for Education is to

  • Coordinate interdisciplinary educational activities at the faculty.
  • Form links between educational initiatives at university level, faculty level, study board level and department level.
  • Contribute to strategic discussions and decisions in the faculty management and the dean's office.


The main tasks of the forum are

  • advising the Vice-Dean for Education and the entire faculty management team with regard to educational issues
  • paving the way for decision-making, helping to ensure the quality of the decisions made by the faculty management team in this area
  • coordinating, supporting and ensuring the quality of joint and cross disciplinary initiatives in the field of education and following up on these initiatives, including the development and implementation of the faculty’s quality practice
  • encouraging dialogue on quality development across the faculty’s academic fields and between the academic fields and the central level of management in this area
  • ensuring links between overall strategic objectives (as expressed in development contracts, the faculty strategy and elsewhere) and local educational initiatives in the subject environments
  • helping to formulate joint policies and guidelines when these are deemed to be necessary
  • coordinating joint activities relating both to educational theory/practice at the university and to the study environment

Composition of the Forum

The Dean sets up the Tech Forum for Education. The Vice-Dean for education is the chair of the forum. The other members are:

  • Study leaders at TECH
  • Deputy heads of departments for Education
  • Head of Degree programme from FOOD 
  • Manager of admission course at TECH
  • NAT/TECH Head of Studies Administration
  • CED representative

Meeting Cadence

The TECH Forum for Education meets as needed, approximately once a month.

Secretarial Service

The TECH Forum for Education is serviced by the dean’s secretariat.